« Hervé Galli compositions are intimately linked to its pianistic technique while reflecting his gifts to create. This technique, at the same time so brilliant and unconventional, seems to be based on an extreme relaxation and a greater freedom of the arms, wrists and fingers, which can be semi-rounded or more curiously completely flat. With a dazzling octaves technique, capable of tremolo and trills to thrill the walls of the concert hall. Hervé Galli especially surprised by the flexibility of his left hand, which literally spins dizzying arpeggios chained to a rhythmic hell ... »
(Stéphane VILLEMIN- la Scena musicale - June 2000 )

« Everything must be adjusted with an extreme precision of touch, weight distribution between the key and the hammer and strings. The technique combined with my works is in phase with my conception of music. Finally the engine that drives all still based on emotion. Contemporary creation without emotion is all the more interesting, but it does not go beyond the intellectual satisfaction. In contrast, emotion is universal. It makes it easier to share my messages with my audience... »
Hervé Galli – la Scena musicale – 2000