• Jim Montgomery - Artistic Director Music Gallery
    • «It would be gratifying to be able to say that Herve Galli’s compositional gifts are the equal of his astonishing talents as a performer...» (lire la suite)
  • Roch Serra - Association Frantz Liszt
    • «L’écouter c’est trouver chez Hervé Galli la continuation grandiose et splendide du langage musical parti de son carrefour que Liszt fût le premier à créer... » (lire la suite)
  • Alexandra Gray - Great World Artists Management Inc.
    • «While I find Galli’s intricate, elusive lyricism captivating, the sheer volume of music emanating from the piano leaves you near a state of near mental exhaustion»
  • Niksa Gligo - Artistic Director Music Biennale Zagreb
    • «In his playing you can feel that he knows all contemporary piano techniques but he is still very capable to submit this experience to his own compositional and interpretative personality...» (lire la suite)
  • Don Shipley - Manager Performing Arts Departement
    • «Mr Galli is a distinguished concert pianist and composer with international credits, but we felt that his concert exposure in Canada was far too limited. There is no doubt that Mr Galli is a major talent and we were delighted to present him as part of aco-production between Harbourfront and the Music Gallery of Toronto...» (lire la suite)
  • Brian Stanborough – Conductor Orchestra
    • «...I was enlightened and moved by his virtuosity, his sensitivity and the originality of his music.»
  • Michelle Grangier – L’express
    • «Le nouveau romantisme» «...Virtuosité surprenante à vous couper le souffle…un Stakhanoviste du clavier»
  • Giuliana Gattoni – Corriere
    • «Tecnica magistrale di pianista virtuoso ed una imperativa vocazione di compositore...» «Non e musica pero, che potrebbe piegarsi ad altre dita»
  • Irena Koreneva – Riga News, USSR
    • «Herve Galli is a composer to the core, his technique is amazing, his feeling for music is extremely intense and contagious»