Born in Corsica, Hervé Galli began studying piano at the age of two and a half with his father, a graduate of the the national Paris Conservatory (piano and violin).

He continued his musical education with Simone Deidier (NPSC) and was later thaught musical theory and composition by Gabriel Gordon, a Professor who graduated from the Moscow Conservatory and had been a student of Kapp.

More than a direct inspiration by the Slavonic music studied, the formation of Gabriel Gordon him a need for artistic research that led to most of his compositions.
Pianist and composer, Hervé Galli has long lived in Canada where he was discovered by Jim Montgomery, a respected composer in North America and artistic director of the Music Gallery in Toronto.

Hervé Galli was offered the opportunity to create his first works on the new continent by 1986. The international community of music found in him a remarkable composer and a pianist of an exceptional virtuosity.

During music festivals at the four corners of the globe, Hervé Galli is universally appreciated both for his innovative piano technique and his eloquent compositional work which have attracted the attention of music professionals. Today, Hervé Galli is dedicated to the composition.